Project Team

Mr. Pauric Brophy – Project Director

Mr. Brophy holds a Master’s degree in economics and has more than 30 years’ experience in international development. He has served as Managing Director of GDSI since 1998. Pauric has been an influencer and designer of public policy in more than 25 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean. With 5 years’ experience as a university researcher in the social sciences, Pauric has produced a large body of published and confidential work in areas like private sector development, administrative reform, labour market policy, spatial planning and development, tourism development, transition economics, trade and investment. Pauric is a fluent speaker of Russian

Ms. Tanja Hafner Ademi – Team Leader

Ms. Tanja Hafner Ademi - Team LeaderMs. Hafner Ademi has 18 years of working experience, out of which over 16 years of professional experience in international development with specific expertise in civil society development (including enabling environment, capacity-building, consultation mechanism, strategies and advocacy development, capacity-building, grant-making, etc.), regional cooperation, EU integration (programming, evaluation, aid effectiveness) and project management.

She participated as evaluator in a number of recent evaluations and studies measuring impacts of specific donor programmes on and development of civil society across the Balkans, Turkey and Eurasia for the needs of the European Commission (DG NEAR and EU Delegations) and other donors or CSOs.

Ms. Hafner Ademi has participated in the development of several global and regional initiatives in developing monitoring, accountability and learning frameworks for civil society, public authorities and donors such as the Monitoring Matrix for Civil Society Development and Global Standard for CSO Accountability. Between 2003 and 2017, she led the Balkan Civil Society Development Network (BCSDN) including its strategic development, running its daily operation and managing it executive office.

Ms. Hafner Ademi is a full-time staff of GDSI Limited and is fluent in English, Slovenian, Macedonia, Bosnian/Croatian/Montenegrin/Serbian and has basic knowledge of Albanian and German.

Ms. Andreja Tonč – Capacity Building Expert

Ms. Andreja Tonč has 22 years of overall working experience in the Development Aid sector including design and management of the technical assistance projects, development and implementation of the capacity building measures, designing and managing grant schemes and grant making programmes, and conducting evaluation, monitoring and assessment activities of Development Aid programmes.

She has extensive experience in designing and conducting capacity building programmes for the institutions of state authorities, public institutions and civil society organisations. This includes capacity building in the area of strategic and operative planning, establishing transparent grant scheme programmes, EU funds management, project management, organisational development, monitoring and evaluation. Sectors covered with mentioned interventions included: public administration, civil society, social welfare, education and employment.

To date, she has designed and implemented over 70 capacity building programmes and trained approximately 3.000 persons (staff of state authorities, public administration and CSOs). To date, Ms. Tonč conducted an assessment of around 1.500 project proposals and monitoring of approximately 600 projects in communities of North Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.

Ms. Tonč speaks fluently Croatian and English and has a basic understanding of Macedonian.

Ms. Emina Nuredinoska – People to People (P2P) Manager

Ms. Emina Nuredinoska has 19 years of experience in managing programmes for support to civil society development, and strengthening of the capacities and networking of CSOs in the Western Balkan region.

She is experienced in development and organisation of large-scale events, involving participants from different countries, backgrounds and sectors among which four (2002-2005) NGO Fairs – Forum of Civil Society (with more than 2000 participants, each).  She has organised and  has actively participated as facilitator, key-note speaker and trainer in more than 130 national, cross-border,  regional and international conferences, workshops, trainings, forums, focus groups, study visits.

Emina is very capable in coordinating CSO and cross-sectoral networks on civil society and good governance issues.  She is the author of more than 15 analytical reports on sectoral, organisational and institutional assessments, monitoring reports on civil society and public administration and has strong knowledge on the international principles for the legal status of CSOs.

Emina speaks fluently Macedonian, English, Bosnian/Croatian/Montenegrin/Serbian.

Mr. Valentin Neshovski – Communication Expert

Mr. Valentin Neshovski has 24 year of profound experience in the fields of strategic communications, public relations, media, journalism and capacity-building. During his professional experience he has lead communication and outreach teams and worked as public information officer, communication and media expert, editor, journalist, writer, lecturer and PR trainer. He had a leading role in developing and implementing the first Government Communication Strategy for European integration process of the Republic of North Macedonia.

As a Public Information Officer at the EU Info Centre Skopje, he was responsible for raising awareness, dissemination of information, design and implementation of the communication activities for variety of EU-financed projects, lectures about EU, encouraging public debates related to the EU accession process and fundamental values of the EU, maintaining and writing content for the EU Delegation and EU Info Centre websites and social media accounts.

He was a lecturer at post graduate studies at the New York University in Skopje and Public Affairs Regional Centre on a wide range of topics, including news writing, media and journalism ethics, writing for electronic or traditional media, introduction to communication theory and the concept of persuasion, media relations, creating media interest, crises communication. Mr. Neshovski also worked as freelance media and communications expert on various EU-funded projects. He was journalist and editor for major media outlets in North Macedonia.

He is fluent in English, Macedonian and Bosnian/Croatian/Montenegrin/Serbian.

Ms. Marjana Maneva – Office Manager

Ms. Marjana Maneva has 8 years professional experience in international organisations such as OSCE/ODHIR, USAID, US Embassy and the EUD in Skopje. She is experienced in management, monitoring and evaluation of EU-funded projects and programmes in the area of education, youth, gender equality and anti- discrimination.

She contributed to the preparation and implementation of Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA) in the specific sectors, by providing analysis, proposals and reports. Also she has experience in working with local authorities, international donors, private sector and local CSOs.

Ms. Maneva has profound experience in the area of EU-funded project logistic and administrative support such as organisation of meetings, conferences, workshops, supporting the maintenance of databases of projects and ensuring liaison with beneficiary countries on relevant cooperation programmes.

She is fluent in Macedonian, English, French and has knowledge in Albanian, Italian and Spanish.


Ms. Katerina Boncheva – Event Manager 

Ms. Katerina Boncheva has over 4 years of international experience in communications, events planning and management.

She’s been working both in the public and private sector in the area of events management and communications for several international projects and campaigns. She is experienced in events planning and implementation on IPA projects as well as other projects funded by international donors.

She holds a MA in Communications, marketing and PR from the University of Leeds, UK funded by the FCO through the Chevening Programme. During her time in the UK, Ms. Boncheva took lead on organization of several major events sponsored by the University, as well as volunteering as member in the Organizational Committee of the local Chevening Association in N. Macedonia

She speaks fluently English and French and, additionally, has knowledge in Serbian, Bulgarian, Greek and Spanish.