Name: Kosovo Resource Center for Civil Society
Implemented by: Kosovar Civil Society Foundation (KCSF) and Community Building Mitrovica (CBM).
Purpose: Dissemination of information to CSOs and citizens, by serving as a resource hub, on civil society, enabling environment for civil society and entry points for participation in policy processes at local and central level;

Improved organizational competence of CSOs and strengthened constituency relations through the provision of capacity building program on organizational development, participatory advocacy, accountability and transparency;

Facilitate sectorial networking, participation, exchange and partnerships between CSOs;

Support civic activism and volunteer initiatives through provision of funds and free legal aid.

Services for CSOs: The Resource Centre is serving as a hub offering a wide range of direct support to CSOs, citizens and informal groups, through direct participation of thematic info sessions, school of activism, granting schemes, direct mentoring and coaching, and legal aid. Beside this, sectoral groups are established to ease the communication between EU Office in Kosovo and Civil Society.
Timeframe: February 2021 – April 2024


Address and contacts: Resource Centre Kosovo
Musa Tolaj, Nartel Center, Lam A-H1, kati 12, Nr. 65-1, Prishtina, Kosovo
Tel: +383 (0) 38 600 633; +383 (0) 38 600 644
E-mail: office@kcsfoundation.org 
Contact Persons: 1. Dren Puka
Research, Advocacy and Capacity Building Director, KCSF
2. Ahmet Rushiti
Project Manager, KCSF
3. Senem Safçi
Project Officer, KCSF
4. Miloš Golubović
Project Officer, CBM
Website: www.rc-kosovo.org
Kosovar Civil Society Foundation