Name: Resource Centre for Civil Society Organisations in Montenegro
Implemented by Centre for the Development of Non-Governmental Organisations in partnership with the Montenegro Media Institute and the Local Resource Centres: NGO Natura from Kolašin, NGO Bonum from Pljevlja, NGO HOUP from Herceg Novi, New Horizon from Ulcinj and Democratic Centre of Bijelo Polje
Purpose: The Resource Center, as a new format within the CRNVO, provides services for daily support to all civil society organisations, as well as individuals and activists in the form of capacity building programs, help desk services, research, organisation of public gatherings, fairs and conferences and similar activities.

The Resource Centre works on legal and other changes, which enable the smooth functioning of CSOs, and intensively seeks the application of these solutions.

The overall goal of the Resource Centre is strong civil society organisations that actively contribute to the development of participatory democracy in Montenegro. While the specific goal is to improve the capacity of CSOs to be effective, responsible and independent actors and contribute to creating an environment that fosters the development of a civil society.

The Resource Centre is open a to all CSOs and individuals who plan to contribute to the development of society in all segments in the form of associations and organisations.

Services for CSOs: Help desk; Support the establishment of CSOs; Legal and financial advice for CSOs; Consultations in the preparation and realisation of projects (domestic local and national calls for project proposals submission, projects financed from EU funds, calls by other donors); Daily information related to all public calls, events, news via CRNVO e-mail list; Issues related to communication and cooperation between the central and local Government of Montenegro and CSOs; Networking and building partnerships at national and local level; Information on donors; Support in communicating with the public; Mentoring CSOs in preparing initiatives, comments and suggestions related to public policies concerning the cooperation of CSOs and state bodies, participation in decision-making, as well as transparency and accountability of civil servants.
Timeframe: July 2021 – July 2023


Address and contacts: National Resource Centre
Atinska 54, 20 000 Podgorica, Crna Gora
Tel/Fax: (+382 20) 219-120 / (+382 20) 219-121
(+382 20) 219-122 / (+382 20) 219-860
Contact Persons: 1. Zorana Markovic

Executive director

Center for Development of Non-Governmental Organizations

Centar Za Razvoj NVO
Centar za razvoj NVO
Centar za razvoj nevladinih organizacija