Country Coordinators

Ms. Natasha Mazari – Country Coordinator for Albania

Ms. Natasha is a senior expert in local governance and decentralization, program management, strategy development, organizational and institutional development, social inclusion, and gender mainstream.

She has a significant experience working for several international organizations such as Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation, UN Women, and SNV Balkan (The Netherlands Development Organization). She was a Senior Advisor – SNV Albania, Project coordinator at UN Women Albania, Senior Programme Officer / Grand Fund Manager of the Decentralization and Local Development Programme – dldp, funded by Swiss Government and implemented by HELVETS Swiss Intercooperation. Ms. Natasha joined ANTTARC in April 2017 in the position of the USAID Accelerated Civic Development and Cooperation Project Executive Director.

In 2009, Ms. Natasha has completed her Master of Arts in Development Studies, with the specialization in Public Policy and Management, from the International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands. She has graduated in 1990 from the University of Tirana in Biology and Chemistry. In 1998, she has also completed the postgraduate studies in Biodiversity from the University of Tirana.

She speaks fluently Albanian, English and Italian.

Ms. Nina Brankovic  Country Coordinator for Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ms. Brankovic has more than 20 years of experience related to development of civil society, education and labor market systems in Bosnia and Herzegovina and countries of the Western Balkans.

For more than ten years she has been a lecturer and trainer in public policy process, public policy evaluations, advocacy and lobbing, stakeholders’ analysis, communication strategies for CSOs, academia, government institutions and media representatives. Her very specific expertise is related to the development of knowledge quadruple, a cooperation between education, business community, government and civil society for development of innovations at the EU level.

Ms. Brankovic is highly experienced in monitoring and evaluation, public policy development, qualitative and participatory action research, knowledge management, and assessment of local and international civil society projects.

Ms. Nina Brankovic holds a MSc in Public Policy from Kings College London and is a PhD candidate at Political Science Faculty of University of Zagreb and PhD student at University of Paris.

She speaks fluently English, Serbian and Croatian languages.

Ms. Ardita Metaj Dika – Country Coordinator for Kosovo

Ms. Ardita is a lawyer by profession, currently pursuing doctorate studies in International Relations in Croatia. She has more than 20 years of professional experience working for different international programs in the area of Human Rights, Rule of Law, Civil Society Development and Good Governance.

The last fifteen (15) years she has worked on the strengthening of the civil society sector through designing capacity development programs at regional and national level as well as monitoring and evaluation of projects on human rights, vulnerable groups, civic participation and good governance.

Ms. Ardita has more a decade of experience in regional projects in the field of research, capacity-building and information-sharing in civil society development in the Balkans. She was continuously engaged in drafting legislation and strategies in the area of good governance, anti-corruption and civil society development in Kosovo. She has experience working in the area of  migration,  education, social inclusion and minority rights and she is a monitoring and evaluation expert of EU and GIZ funded projects.

Ms. Ardita is a lifetime devotee of civil society, former Resident Advisor of TACSO project working fervently to ensure that project resources are invested in response to the needs of civil society and its development, contributing to civil society empowerment and growth through capacity building, networking and peer to peer exchange programmes.

She is a PhD Candidate on International Relations  and a Magistrate of International Relations.

She speaks fluently Albanian, English, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian and Montenegrin languages.

Ms. Aleksandra Gligorovic – Country Coordinator for Montenegro

Ms. Gligorovic has been active in the civil society since 1998.  Her fields of expertise are: public policy development, monitoring and evaluation, organizational and project management, voluntarism, intercultural learning, social inclusion, social services, gender equality.

Since February 2011 she is working as an independent consultant and trainer, providing services to a large number of national and international organizations and institutions such as European Commission, EACEA, Council of Europe, UNDP, Coram International, UNICEF etc; Montenegrin ministries – Ministry for human and minority rights; Ministry of education; Ministry of sport and youth; numerous local self-governments etc.

Ms. Gligorovic is experienced in leading processes of development and monitoring of policy documents (e.g. Strategy on gender equality, Youth strategy), providing trainings, writing national and regional policy papers, national and regional researches and similar assignments.

At the moment she is actively involved in work of several networks and expert pools: Out of the box International, International Youth Work Trainers Guild, SALTO SEE trainers and accreditors pool etc.

She graduated from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Department of Biology.

Ms. Gligorovic speaks fluently English and Montenegrin/Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian.

Ms. Elizabeta Markovska Spasenoska – Country Coordinator for Macedonia

Ms. Elizabeta Markovska Spasenoska has 16 years of experience as organizational development and performance improvement specialist for CSOs and public institutions in North Macedonia and on regional level.

Ms. Elizabeta has specific experience in the design of the self-assessment methodology for the needs of the Capacity Building of CSOs project funded by the European Agency for Reconstruction and implemented by Danish Refugee Council. She is author of the organizational assessment methodology for the needs of the TACSO 1 project and the performance assessment methodology designed for the needs of the USAID Civil Society Sustainability project in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Ms. Elizabeta has worked as team leader on national and local research projects, team leader for development of two Alternative Reports to the Convention of the Rights of the Child in Macedonia as well as consultant for performance assessment of the CSOs.  In addition to these key engagements, Ms. Elizabeta has conducted and led numerous strategic planning processes for CSOs in North Macedonia and provided support in the establishment of functional M&E systems and frameworks on institutional and project level.

Ms. Elizabeta holds Master Degree in Human Resoures Management from the Institute for Sociological, Political and Juridical Research,“St. Cyril and Methodius” University of Skopje.

She speaks Macedonian, English, Serbian and has basic knowledge of German.

Ms. Jelena Pajovic Van Reenen – Country Coordinator for Serbia

Ms. Jelena Pajovic Van Reenen has 16 years of working experience in the subject areas of civil society organisations engagement, governmental institutions as well as in international organisations. She independently managed high value donor portfolios, was in charge of programming IPA assistance and was a member of two negotiation groups for the accession of the Republic of Serbia to the EU.

She has extensive knowledge on institutional, legal and financial framework that impacts the state of civil society in the region as well as in the EU countries.

Ms. Jelena designed and supervised several successful platforms for consultation and cooperation between governmental and nongovernmental sector and is very experienced in developing tools, guidelines and mechanisms for increasing active participation of civil society and non-state actors in developing and monitoring public policies.

Her interest in civil society goes beyond professional engagement and she is taking active part in various citizen initiatives.

Ms. Jelena is fluent in English, Serbian/Bosnian/Croatian/Montenegrin and has basic knowledge of Russian and Dutch language.

Ms. Özge Konuralp – Country Coordinator for Turkey

Ms. Özge Konuralp has more than 13 years of experience in the civil society organisations, international organisations, EU funded projects as well as European Union technical assistance programmes, such as Community Volunteers Foundation, South-Eastern Anatolia Project of Regional Development Administration (GAP), UNFPA, Association of Civil Society Development Centre (STGM), European Union Sivil Düşün (Think Civil) Programme.

She has great experience in developing various capacity building programmes for CSOs particularly on civil society, participation and rights-based approach along with public sector-civil society cooperation including the legal framework and best practices for participatory democracy, local participation, women’s rights and youth rights. She also contributed to the development of gender sensitive administrative mechanisms in local authorities and public institutions as well as participatory mechanisms for sound civil society-public sector cooperation in Turkey.

Ms. Konuralp has profound experience on development and implementation of flexible civil society support mechanisms based on her previous task as Civil Society Sector Expert in European Union Sivil Düşün (Think Civil) Programme (Technical Assistance Programme under Civil Society Facility – Turkey) including strengthening CSO capacities through tailored-made capacity building activities and ad-hoc technical assistance for enabling CSOs/activists implement rights-based activities. She also has extensive experience on developing monitoring and evaluation frameworks and measuring the impact of the EU-funded projects.

She is fluent in English and Turkish and has basic knowledge of German and French.