The outbreak of Corona virus/Covid-19 pandemic remains one of the top risks affecting the entire world today.

Civil society organisations (CSOs) are trying to adapt to the situation by turning their attention and efforts towards working on-line, using creative ways and tools towards serving their communities and constituents.  Working in small teams, remotely organizing web-based livestreaming events, webinars and meeting is becoming the standard of work nowadays.

EU TACSO 3 would like to support the efforts of  CSOs in the Western Balkans and Turkey by providing a list of useful links and tools that can simplify and ease the work of CSOs in these difficult times and also provide other alternative ways of functioning in the future.

The links below provide numerous tools that serve this purpose. Click on each link for more tools and information:

Eastern Partnership Civil Society Facility Project

Digital Youth Portal

EU TACSO 3 Project

Resources for Online Meetings

Tech Against Coronavirus


The list will be regularly updated, so please revisit this article for new useful tools to be added.


Status: 1 April, 2020