Environment for non-environmental CSOs – Mainstreaming green transition


The webinar aims to strengthen the capacities of the non-environmental CSOs in understanding their role in promoting and implementing green transition in the Western Balkans and Türkiye.

It is urgent that we address our environmental emergency. Climate change, pollution, vanishing wildlife, and uncontrolled urban development are all impacting our quality of life, our safety, and the future of our children. In many cases, environmental degradation affects vulnerable people more severely than others.

Addressing environmental issues is therefore something that we all have to deal with if we are to reduce the negative impact on our lives.

The EU TACSO 3 project is working with CSOs that are not necessarily specialists in environmental issues. The aim is to broaden awareness and activities of organisations that can complement and enlarge the efforts for green transition. Rule of law specialists, anti-corruption campaigners, media outlets, emergency preparedness organisations, social service providers, youth associations, policy advocacy organisations and many more can all contribute to improving our environment.


This webinar is a follow-up capacity-building activity to the consultation meeting organised in September 2023. More about key points from this meeting can be found here.

Registration link: https://crm.tacso.eu/node/354


Agenda Webinar on mainstreaming green transition, 30 Nov 1 Dec 2023