Humanost Association Supporting Elderly People with Food and Medical Supplies in Skopje, North Macedonia

Since 2016, Humanost Association has been part of an effort to support healthy aging of the elderly by providing care, assistance and support to them in the Municipality of Centar in the city of Skopje, North Macedonia. During the coronavirus/Covid-19 epidemics, Humanost Association, continues to focus on the elderly and their needs, making it its mission to protect and assist the elderly in their households during the pandemics.

Several international guidelines and national prohibitions in response to coronavirus spread, call for the care and health protection of elderly people, as the most vulnerable and exposed group to the virus. Driven by these guidelines and by the ideals of unity and service, Humanost Association, set up four teams of volunteers, from various age groups who provide support on a daily basis. Distribution is carried out in collaboration with the Municipality, local businesses, food bank, individuals and in accordance with the precautionary measures and guidance put in place by the authorities. “During April, our teams made 40 visits to the elderly in our community and distributed 1 tone of milk and more than 3 tons of food items, says Sashko Jovanov, Executive Director of Humanost.

The association is using a two-fold approach to do its work in the field: supplying food and medical services and helping in paying monthly expenses, thus keeping the elderly safe within their homes and contributing to their minimal exposure to the virus.

“With the steps taken by Humanost Association, we are helping the most vulnerable groups in the society, as the ones who need our support. Most of the demands are for food and medical care so we provide such support based on their needs”, says Martin Canevski, volunteer for “Humanost”.

“I would like to express my gratitude to the Mobility Team for the assistance they have provided at the time I needed help. The coronavirus has caused us to be in isolation. I am 75 old and I live with my daughter who is disabled. We both belong to the risk group making us feel powerless” – says Miss V.P. beneficiary of “Humanost” services.

“Humanost” was founded in 1998 with the mission to improve the conditions of people at social risk and offering them the chance for a fair and sustainable quality of life.