Providing Support and Coordinating Activities of Roma and Egyptian CSOs, the Story of ANTTARC in Albania

ANTTARC is implementing two projects that are financed by the European Union: “Strengthening Civil Society to Prevent and Protect Children from Abuse and Violence in Albania” Project and “Empowering Civil Society Organizations for Roma Integration” – ECSORI Project.  Both projects continued to provide assistance and organise activities online while also adapting to the emerging needs of Roma and Egyptian community members and child rights CSOs.

“At Nisma ARSIS – as a beneficiary of the ECSORI project – we were relieved to receive the assistance of ANTTARC in finalizing our communication strategy through continuous online support”, said Ditmir Lita, Project Coordinator. 

 Activities between sub-grantees, meetings and exchange workshops of Roma and Egyptian CSOs networks have moved online. This move facilitated the reallocation of funds to 250 Roma and Egyptian families for food and sanitation packages, which were distributed to the most vulnerable community members in municipalities where existing efforts have yet not been made, such as Berat, Shkodër, Fushë-Krujë and Lushnje. Sub-grantees received online technical assistance to finalise strategic internal documents tailored to their needs with online platforms replacing the weekly Project Team meetings. The same platforms will be used to share experiences between them in the future.

ANTTARC’s programme “Accelerating Civic Development and Cooperation” funded by USAID turned to digital tools to promote cooperation and resilience in emergency situations. The situation provided an opportunity for beneficiary organisations to experience first-hand management in unforeseen circumstances. The programme continues its intensive capacity building with 10 organisations providing training online on topics such as volunteering, survey & data gathering, anti-trafficking and the right to Information. Eleven (11) grant recipients were also monitored online through the participation of ANTTARC staff.

ANTTARC was established in 1998 and provides training and capacity building support on organisational and community development; local government and decentralisation; leadership; public policy and advocacy, gender awareness etc to civil society organisations in the Western Balkans.