BiH: Technical Assistance to Network for Building Peace

Process of strategic planning for Network for Building Peace, 28. – 30.3.2012., Hotel Bosnia, Sarajevo

Network for Building Peace approached TACSO project in BiH in order to get support in delivering Strategic planning for Network for Building Peace.

Network for Building Peace (the Network) is aiming towards comprehensive renewal of social and economic life in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to long-term enhancement of whole society to deal with difference and conflicts in constructive and non-violent way, in that way creating framework for joint, coordinated activities of number of civil society organizations, local government, business sector, media and governmental institutions.

Report from the Strategic planning process was prepared by Ms. Martina Staznik who designed and facilitated workshop. During three days planning they were 38 participants in the process.

Working sessions have been convened during the first day in the afternoon. Sessions run in parallel and involve only those most deeply concerned based on Open Space Technology approach. Each report hanged on the wall, providing an ongoing, real-time record of the discussions.

On a second day participants have been invited to choose one topic they want to develop further in next strategy planning sessions. Participants has selected following 7 themes to discuss during the second day.

1st conversational round:

  • Vision and Mission,
  • Understanding of Peace,
  • Identity of the Network

2nd conversational round:

  • Srđan Aleksić Prize,
  • Structure of the Network

3rd conversational round

  • Membership Fee,
  • Membership Criteria.

People come together in the whole circle with all the reports on flip chart papers hanging on the walls. At the conclusion of the day where participants were briefly presented by the spokesmen’s of each of 7 working sessions. After presentations, participants were invited to share comments, insights and commitments arising from the presentations.  Everyone was encouraged to contribute to discussion, deep reflection and sharing learning’s.

On a third day of the gathering participants decided to try to define Network’s values as a core element of the commitment of the organizations involved in membership. After working in small groups, a vivid discussion was held in a circle.

After defining values of the Network, an operational plan until the end of 2012 was developed in order to support transition period for the Network for Building Peace.

Here you can download the report in which you can find all information about Strategic Planning Session results, evaluation and process. Scanned list of participants is available in TACSO BiH office.