Branding Survey: Bosnia and Herzegovina

TACSO Position with Civil Society Organisations, Media and Government Institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina

After TACSO project’s presence in Bosnia-Herzegovina for more than a year through a number of contacts with civil society organisations and public activities held (events and training programs), Media Plan Institute carried out research with the goal of identifying TACSO’s position with its target audiences and assistance beneficiaries.

The resutls of this research can serve as a guideline on the road to developing a long-term strategy tailored to everyday practicies. In addition to findings offered by the research regarding TACSO’s position and its brand, the structure of the questions was made in such a way that the answers offered information on the aspirations and problems of current and potential beneficiaries related to the process of appylying for EU projects, which is the main preoccupation of the TACSO project.

Download: Branding Survey