Branding Survey: Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

The general objectives of this project is to strengthen the overall capacities and accountability of the Civil Society Organistions (CSOs) within the IPA beneficiaries and to guarantee the quality of services of CSOs and a sustainable role of the CSOs in the democractic process

The research team was tasked with conducting a brand research survey using a combination of traditional qualitative and quantitative techniques designed to give a broad rather than in depth understanding of the perceptions of TACSO as a brand amongst a fairly wide catchment of stakeholder groups with differing levels of brand interaction.

The resulting outputs give an accurate and unquestionably useful snapshot prevailing perceptions and attitudes. A more comprehensive picture would be gathered through a follow up research piece using penetrative techniques.

What follows is a graphical presentation of the results of the quantitative panel and a complimentary qualitative report that attempts to drill down some of the quantitative results and to check the completeness and appropriateness of the questions.