Manual on Fundraising and Accessing EU Funds

Fundraising has many different meanings, but most commonly, it refers to the idea of collecting funds from different donors.

The aim of the present manual, entitled Fundraising and Accessing EU Funds is to increase the capacities of CSOs to raise more general, as well as EU funds so that the sustainability of their organisations can be increased.

The Manual on Fundraising and Accessing EU Funds is organised in two main parts:

  • Part I: Concepts aimed at improving readers’ knowledge about the main aspects of fundraising activities, including EU fundraising. At the beginning of each chapter the reader can have a quick overview of the main ideas included in the chapter, as well as the Tools they can use to apply them to their own organisations. Readers are also encouraged to take, from time to time, some Moments of Reflection and think about their
    own organisations in the light of the presented concepts.
  • Part II: Tools aimed at helping readers apply the theoretical concepts in order to analyse/diagnose their CSOs fundraising capacity and elaborate fundraising strategies. The readers are encouraged to use the tools working in teams with their colleagues.

Readers should feel free to adapt the Concepts and Tools to their countries’ specific situation, complete them with their own knowledge and experience, as well as share the knowledge, skills and experience with their peers.