Guidelines on the Provision Guidance and Monitoring of EU-funded Projects

The purpose of these internal guidelines is to standardise the approach of all TACSO offices when implementing activities to support EU-funded projects by providing guidance and monitoring services.

From the very beginning, TACSO has been assigned the important task of supporting and monitoring EU-funded grant projects and providing guidance to CSOs in all aspects of project implementation.

The aim is to raise standards and performances of EU-funded projects and to improve project management and monitoring, to create learning for the design of subsequent activities and to improve CSOs’ accountability to both the EU and their own project beneficiaries and constituencies.

In addition, the TACSO should “provide guidance to EU projects and to offer assistance for monitoring and guidance visits to IPA funded projects (once reconfirmed by the EU delegations). This assistance may only be provided for grants for which the EC is a Contracting Authority. It is expected that the monitoring and guidance will allow TACSO to provide the EC with recommendations that could be used in programming, guidelines for applicants, etc.”

Taking into consideration all of the aforementioned, the guidelines provide guidance to implementation of the EU-funded projects, as well as to monitoring of the same, thus excluding the evaluation, and it addresses how TACSO sees its role and contribution, what kind of support TACSO should provide, and in what way in order to contribute to enrich projects’ quality.