Needs Assessment Report Turkey (Updated 2016)

The report aims to provide a comprehensive assessment of civil society in Turkey and the environment that it works in, including its strengths and weaknesses, the milestones to date and the challenges it faces to its further development.

The first section provides information on enabling environment; providing information on state of play regarding fundamental rights and freedoms, current legal framework for CSOs, public administration that has responsibilities regarding civil society in Turkey, donors and funding opportunities for CSOs in Turkey and state of play in the framework and implementation of government- civil society cooperation.

The second section provides information on capacity of CSOs in Turkey, including the current size, qualifications, types of activities as such. This section also provides information on state of play for CSOs indicators that are outlined in EU Guidelines for effectiveness, efficiency and financial stability.

The last section provides conclusions and advices, not only for TACSO II in Turkey, but all initiatives for civil society development.