Report: “Together we are stronger” (BiH)

Report on the partnership event: Process of strategic dialogue “Together we are stronger”

Women’s Network Bosnia and Herzegovina in partnership with TACSO BiH project implemented conference on process of strategic dialogue „Together we are stronger“ held on 21st and 22nd June 2012 in Sarajevo. This partnership event/conference was attended by 56 participants from 43 women’s organizations coming from 20 different municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

General aim of the conference „Together we are stronger“ was to focus on developing a joint plan of action in order to make the Women’s Network members’ activity more effective and more visible in public. Additionally, conference served as an opportunity to find ways on how to improve the process of exchange of experiences and responsibilities between all members of the B&H Women’s Network. Additionally, objective was to enhance area of motivation of membership organizations in active participation in the work of the Network.

Conference agenda was divided in 2 days focusing on related topics:

1st day

Work was focused on key challenges of the B&H Women’s Network related to both content and management issues in the form of World Café.

2nd day

Was reserved for Open Space Technology workshop for members of the B&H Women’s Network were they were exploring the questions of main principles and values that are common to all members of the B&H Women’s Network.

Fifty members of Women’s Network of B&H found commitment to actively exchange experiences and to act together more effectively to the public in accordance with the mission of the network. This was accomplished due to the successful communication and evaluation, where most participants highlighted that it is very important to amend the code and the platform of Women’s Network of B&H, in order to ensure that indeed all members agree on the core principles of the Network.

Additionally, conference resulted in agreement on the basic 7 principles on which Network membership is based on.

Here you can download the report in which you can find full information about Process of strategic dialogue “Together we are stronger”. List of participants is available at TACSO BiH office.