Two New Manuals on Information Activism, Data Collection and Data Management Issued by EU TACSO 3

Inspiring examples, detailed explanations of using digital tools, theoretical and legal framework, different data collection and data management methodologies, resources, and practices, all can be found in the two manuals issued by the EU TACSO 3 as a part of the focused training Information Activism, Data Collection and Data Management On-line Programme for Turkey held during November 2020.

The manuals, published in Turkish language, are tailored to the capacities and level of knowledge of CSOs in Turkey. The first manual titled: Information Activism, Data Collection and Data Management Basic Education Guide provides basic elements and is intended for local CSOs and grassroots organisations with less experience in the field. The content of the basic manual covers fundamental information about data management and information activism. The manual also guides the use of basic tools, inspiring examples, and resources.

The manual Information Activism, Data Collection and Data Management Comprehensive Guide is designed for CSOs that have a higher capacity and experience in the field of data collection, analysis, and management. This publication covers the subjects of information activism, data collection, and data management with detailed instructions about the tools to be used, inspiring examples, suggestions, warnings, and resources aiming to reach out to a wider audience.

For example, the Comprehensive guide provides info on various formats for presenting data or suggests the use of various visualization, which allows presenting the story to the target audience in a remarkable, faster, and more understandable way.

The manuals are prepared to be complementary to each other and designed in a way to make it possible to update them following the future innovations in technology and when necessary.

Information Activism, Data Collection and Data Management Basic Education Guide link

Information Activism, Data Collection and Data Management Comprehensive Guide link