This Technical Assistance project is a collaborative effort between GDSI Limited (Ireland) and LDK Consultants Global EEIG (Belgium). The consortium was built taking into consideration the strengths of each partner and following the principle of complementarity.



GDSI Limited, established in 1991, is one of Ireland’s most dynamic economic consulting companies. As the central hub in a network of companies including Autus Global (Ireland), GDSI (CY) (Cyprus) and GDSI (UK), GDSI inherits a multidisciplinary core staff and associates, as well as a proven track record of civil society mapping, capacity building, e-learning and communication relevant to this project. GDSI’s mission is to provide high quality technical inputs, deliver sustainable outputs and offer value for money in all assignments in which it engages.

GDSI and its network partners have been working on a whole range of civil society issues in Europe and worldwide over the last two decades. More than 7,000 experts across a whole range of disciplines are registered with the GDSI network. Using the knowledge of those who design and implement civil society reform contracts within Ireland, the UK and internationally, we provide technical assistance covering all aspects of civil society development, economic development, public administration reform, institutional capacity building, including e-learning, inter-agency communication and integration.

In addition to its headquarters in Galway, Ireland, GDSI Limited currently has a fully functioning offices in Croatia, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Serbia, UK, Ukraine.

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LDK Consultants is a multidisciplinary developmental consultancy group comprising 7 companies. Established in 1968 as an engineering firm providing services to the buildings sector, it has since expanded in the energy, environmental and water and transportation engineering and consulting, as well socioeconomic development consulting.

It operates through its headquarters in Greece and its regional subsidiaries in Romania and Serbia for South-eastern Europe, Brussels for Central Europe, Kenya for South-eastern Africa and Jordan for the Middle East. LDK has implemented assignments in more than 100 countries and 90% of its revenues are sourced from the foreign markets.

It has become on the one hand a leading engineering consultancy worldwide in hotels, complex buildings and urban and suburban railways, and on the other hand a trusted energy, environmental and socioeconomic development consultancy for the European Commission, The World Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, European Investment Bank and United Nations Development Programme.

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