Enabling Effective Relations between CSOs and the EU

”Establish an efficient and constructive dialogue with the European union institutions and bodies”

The purpose of this project component is to help Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) from the Western Balkans and Turkey to establish an efficient and constructive dialogue with the European Union (EU) institutions and bodies. Therefore, TACSO 3 ensures that the information on EU support is available and communicated to interested civil society actors directly, promptly and accurately.

ACTIONS: In order to obtain this result, TACSO team specifically works on the following:

  • Develops a system allowing CSOs knowledge to be effectively fed into the region’s EU integration process;
  • Facilitates and organises CSO consultation processes;
  • Creates and regularly updates a database of all (national and regional) CSF funded projects;
  • Sets up the system for informing CSOs about relevant EU information related, in particular, to calls for proposals, online consultations, information sessions, etc.
  • Supports the annual competition for the Roma Award scheme.

DIALOGUING SKILS: In recent years the EU invested significant efforts to enable civil society in the Western Balkans and Turkey to build capacities and more permanent networks at national level to participate in EU-related dialoguing processes. Taking this into consideration, TACSO 3 intends to play a serious role in their mutual learning and knowhow sharing in terms of strategies, actions and skills.