Monitor, Consult and Document the Progress in Relation to Civil Society and Media Guidelines

The purpose of this component is to continue the successful process of monitoring of the implementation of the “Guidelines for EU support to civil society and the Guidelines for EU support to media freedom and media integrity in enlargement countries, 2014-2020”.

The objective of this document is to streamline the EU’s support and to have a strategic document for programming and monitoring the progress of civil society in the Western Balkans and Turkey.

In cooperation with CSOs and other stakeholders, TACSO 3 is tasked to establish and lead the monitoring progress against the EU Guidelines. This helps in streamlining TACSO’s interventions that bring desired changes related to:

  1. the legislation and policy framework needed for CSOs existence, sustainability and functioning:
  2. the establishment of mechanisms and structures for CSOs influencing their governments’ decision making; and
  3. the organizational capacities of CSOs so that they become an important factor in the development of the beneficiary countries

In this new phase of the project TACSO 3 will develop a strong methodology to monitor the progress, which is primarily based on quality data. Through its innovative approach in EU guidance monitoring, TACSO intends to link the Civil Society Facility (CSF) database with the monitoring framework of the Guidelines to help streamline the programming process of CSF.

Specifically, the TACSO activities will include the following:

  • Enhancement of the monitoring system through stakeholder engagement, including data collection, analysis and reporting;
  • Undertaking data collection and monitoring against the chosen indicators in coordination with the resource centres in the beneficiary countries;
  • Dissemination of information based on the annual monitoring results;
  • Organisation of annual regional participatory events to discuss the outcome of the monitoring and agree recommendations for policy and assistance

Enabling environment for civil society regards state policies and influences almost all sectors, including tax, social welfare, statistics, education, employment. In order for the monitoring of the Guidelines to impact the positive changes in national policies, it is crucial to take into account the integration of the objectives and results of the Guidelines into concrete sectoral policies.