”Interaction with the authorities, citizens, donors, business community and media sector”

One of the main focuses of TACSO project are its communication and visibility activities aimed at informing and raising awareness of citizens about civil society role and its contribution to the society in general. Through this project component, TACSO 3 improves the public image of CSOs and increases the visibility of EU support to civil society in the region of Western Balkans and Turkey.


The project strongly supports co-operation and networking among CSOs and between CSOs and other stakeholders. It also facilitates CSOs’ participation in regional events offering them valid opportunities to exchange information and experience.

TACSO communication channels ensure wide outreach and make information concerning TACSO easily accessible to its beneficiaries and stakeholders. Also, due to the information traffic and number of documents, TACSO web site represents an important reference points for civil society in the whole region.



In this new phase, the project is particularly focused on development of effective communication channels originating from citizens to CSOs, as well as the strengthening of the existing two-way communication between CSOs, the government and citizens. In addition, TACSO 3 builds CSOs capacity to utilise modern technology to effectively interact with the authorities, citizens, donors, business community and media sector. Special attention is payed to improve the ability of CSOs to share their vision/ mission – through storytelling.


The specific objectives of this project component include:

Raising awareness of the project’s activities and events to ensure the involvement of target audiences and all stakeholders in the project events;

Improving public awareness of civil society activities and public image of CSOs;

Strengthening the co-operation and networking among targeted CSOs and between CSOs, the media and other stakeholders;

Reinforcing mutual learning and synergies between CSOs by means of exchange of information and experiences;

Making TACSO web-portal fully operational in collecting and disseminating civil society relevant information from different online and offline channels

Reinforcing CSOs’ links with their constituencies/ communities through improved communication capacities.

TACSO 3 communication and visibility activities address numerous stakeholders it the Western Balkans and Turkey, such as: civil society, civil activists and opinion makers, central and local governments, elected public officials, academia, business, the international community, and citizens as the largest and most influential group.