What We Do


The main purpose of TACSO 3 project is to strengthen the organisational and operational capacities as well as individual competencies of the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), independent media and regional networks in order to enable them to take part in the democratic processes, integration movement, and policy dialogue in the Western Balkans and Turkey.

In this new phase, TACSO focuses on supporting beneficiaries to more efficiently and effectively participate in the democratisation process. This is achieved through a wide range of capacity building initiatives, spanning from targeted interventions to individual problem solving and provision of ad hoc support through the help-desk function.

TACSO 3 also introduces some changes to the overall capacity building approach. This in particular reflects on training content that aims to provide CSOs with the knowledge and tools that helps them to actively contribute to the democratisation and reform process in their respective countries. Basic trainings get replaced with specifically tailored, interactive interventions in policies, strategies, institutional set-ups and legislation, and promoting joint regional learning between CSOs and networks.

The principal objectives of this project component are:

  • To carry out a thorough assessment of CSOs’ organisational, operational and sectorial capacity;
  • To develop a comprehensive programme of CSOs organisational and operational capacity building, with a focus on sharing of experiences and lessons learned among different contexts;
  • To organise regular strategic and organizational development activities to boost CSOs capacities;
  • To improve organisational capacity of Regional Networks and CSF regional funded projects;
  • To develop CSOs’ abilities to provide technical thematic input to sectoral policies;
  • To enhance CSOs’ capacities in the area of gender mainstreaming; and
  • To provide ad hoc support to CSOs through the web-based help-desk facility

These project activities will result in improved knowledge, skills and capacity of CSOs, CSO networks and other stakeholders to actively participate in the democratisation process and to interact in policy dialogue. Through these activities, useful partnerships, exchange of information, interactions and better co-operation between regional civil society actors will also be established.

The overall impact of the TACSO 3 project will be a noticeable improvement in the area of civil society – state dialogue in the various beneficiary countries and greater public recognition of CSOs contribution to society.

The range of TACSO beneficiaries expands from CSOs providing services to a wider audience, including individual CSOs (especially weaker organisations), independent civic activists, not-for-profit media, professional associations, social dialogue partners, as well as national and regional CSO networks.