Call for Participants: Training Programme on Mentoring and Coaching (Deadline: Tuesday, 20 October 2020)

EU TACSO 3 is organising training programme on mentoring and coaching skills for civil society organisations (CSOs) in the Western Balkans and Turkey (WBT). This comprehensive training programme encompasses two subsequent training modules that will take place in the time period between end October to end November 2020.

The programme design has been inspired by three facts: 1) when asked about the most effective capacity development methods, CSOs in the WBT pointed out to the need of tailored, individualised approaches (See:Assessment on the State of the Enabling Environment and Capacities of Civil Society against the Guidelines for EU support to Civil Society in Enlargement Region, 2014-2020 for the period 2018-2019); 2) mentoring and coaching are being mentioned more often by providers of capacity building support in the WBT as desirable methods of work; 3) since these methods have not been practices extensively so far among CSOs in the WBT, there is a need for further learning.

The training programme is, therefore, dedicated to CSOs which deliver capacity building services and work on the development of civil society in the WBT, such as resource centres, national and regional networks, sub-granting organisations and others. It should help approximately 30 selected CSOs from the WBT to:

  • make the distinction between generic and tailored support in growth;
  • understand importance of both, and relation between personal and organisational growth;
  • increase knowledge on mentoring and coaching as capacity building interventions;
  • be able to apply aspects of mentoring and coaching in the process of capacity development of CSOs.

Both training modules and practical work will be conducted on-line.

The first training module will introduce participants to the following topics:

  1. Adult learning and professional development;
  2. Organisational and personal development;
  3. Methods of support in development;
  4. Mentoring and coaching as capacity building interventions.

The first training module is taking place on 26 and 27 October, two working days, 6 hours each.

The second training module will cover the following topics:

  1. When to apply mentoring and coaching in the CSO capacity building practice;
  2. How to apply mentoring and coaching;
  3. Mentoring and coaching process and skills.

The second module will take place at the end of November, two working days, 6 hours each. The exact days will be communicated to selected participants at the start of the first training module end October.

The training programme will include practical exercises in-between the two training modules.  Detailed agenda will be shared with selected participants.

Interested CSOs should apply by filling in and submitting the Application form by Tuesday, 20 October 2020, 17:00hrs CET. In order to ensure effective training with in-depth approach and practical exercises, the number of selected CSOs will be limited (up to approximately 30). Each CSO can assign one representative to attend the training. The selection will be made by EU TACSO 3 based on the following criteria:

  • CSO has previous experience in capacity building support to other CSOs (work on the development of CSOs);
  • CSO demonstrates ability and motivation to deliver mentoring and coaching capacity building support to wide number of other CSOs, particularly grassroots;
  • Representative of a CSO is qualified in capacity development support and is in the position to deliver mentoring and coaching support to CSOs.

The advantage will be given to national resource centres, sub-granting organisations, and networks, i.e. organisations with proven track record of delivering capacity-building (including mentoring and coaching) activities and possibilities for replication and outreach.  

 Participants will receive certificates after successfully completed the whole training course.

Traiaing programme will be delivered by prominent experts, in English language.

Technical Assistance to Civil Society Organizations in Western Balkans and Turkey (EU TACSO 3) is an EU-funded project in the Western Balkans and Turkey (www.tacso.eu). EU TACSO 3 aim is to strengthen the capacity of civil society organisations (CSOs) to actively take part in the democratic processes and to stimulate an enabling environment for civil society and pluralistic media development.