Effects of Digital Transition on Civil Society Organisations


This one-and-a-half-day P2P event will feature expert panel discussions, presentations, and interactive sessions. The discussions will be guided by the proposed specific objectives below, allowing participants to share their experiences insights, and ask questions, and get or provide recommendations. They are in alignment with the objective of empowering CSOs in the Western Balkans and Türkiye (WBT) region to thrive in the digital age and contribute to positive social change:

  1. AI Integration in CSOs’ Operations –  A specific focus of the event is on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its role in the operations of CSOs. Participants will engage in discussions and sessions aimed at understanding the potential benefits and challenges associated with AI integration, with the objective of developing strategies to harness its power responsibly.
  2. Advocacy for Responsible AI Use: The event seeks to empower CSOs to become advocates for responsible AI use. Discussions will revolve around advocating for restrictions and limitations on the use of AI, ensuring ethical considerations, and promoting transparency and accountability in AI applications within civil society.
  3. Building CSOs’ Digital Skills: Recognising the importance of digital skills in navigating the evolving digital landscape, the event will focus on building up the digital capabilities of CSOs. This includes enhancing their proficiency in accessing and leveraging digital technologies for more effective and impactful operations.

The P2P Event’s purpose is also to facilitate the development of strategic recommendations for CSOs in the WBT region. These recommendations will encompass a wide range of aspects, including the use of AI, digital communication, engagement, reputation management, and response to challenges in the digital space. By addressing the challenges posed by digital transformation and equipping CSOs with the necessary skills and insights, the event seeks to position them as drivers of positive change in the evolving digital landscape.


This one-and-a-half-day P2P event will be conducted live-streamed online, utilising virtual conferencing tools and platforms.

The plan is to have up to 30 participants attending in person, coming from IPA beneficiaries and up to 10 coming from North Macedonia.

The working language is English.

REGISTRATION LINK: https://crm.tacso.eu/node/347

Event Agenda - P2P Digital transition

Presentation - Empowering CSOs with Digital Skills, MetaMorphosis

Major Findings and Recommendations