Green Agenda for all CSOs


The EU’s Green Agenda for the Western Balkans aims to ensure the countries’ ability to meet their environmental goals, reduce waste and stop global heating. Many CSOs are very active on environmental issues. But how can other civil society organisations and citizen groups also contribute to improving our environment? This session aims to build awareness and commitment to practical ways in which all of us can contribute to saving our planet.

EU TACSO 3 is inviting you to participate in the online Green Agenda Consultative Meeting, which we are organising to exchange information and ideas and stimulate communication on how CSOs operating in different sectors can contribute to the promotion of implementation of the EU Green Agenda for the Western Balkans.

The EU TACSO 3 project is working with CSOs that are not necessarily specialists in environmental issues. The aim is to broaden awareness and activities of organisations that can complement and enlarge the efforts for Green Agenda implementation. Rule of law specialists, anti-corruption campaigners, media outlets, emergency preparedness organisations, social service providers, youth associations, policy advocacy organisations and many more can all contribute to improving our environment.

Based on the conclusions from this meeting, the EU TACSO 3 project will continue by organising further events and actions that will contribute to the Green Agenda implementation.


This online consultation meeting will bring together both environmental specialists and non-specialist CSOs and aims to generate ideas for our own activities, ideas for future partnerships and to agree messages to pass on to funders of CSOs.


Agenda - Green Agenda consultative meeting

Green Agenda for the Western Balkans

The Regional Mapping Report

Presentation - Farm to Fork Academy for Green Western Balkans

Key notes from the Green Agenda consultative meeting