Main objective of the assessment was to identify the capacities of Croatian CSOs and their interest in IDC & HA.

In order to accomplish the set objective we prepared a survey questionnaire covering various aspects of involvement of CSOs in implementation of IDC & HA projects, enabling us to collect the following groups of data:

  • Scope of engagement
  • Programmatic areas and areas of engagement
  • Geographical areas of engagement
  • Financial aspects
  • Cooperation and networking of Croatian CSOs with foreign associations
  • Priorities of the Platform and the needs and capacities of CSOs

This assessment could assist the Department for IDC & HA of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (MFEA) in improving participation of CSOs in creation and implementation of programs and with consultation processes concerning IDC & HA on EU level.

The Platform might find this helpful in defining priorities according to the mapped interests and available resources of interested CSOs, as well as for internal organisation of work by programmatic areas in which CSOs are involved. Moreover, this assessment could contribute to creation of more effective CSO consultation mechanisms in the processes of planning and providing IDC & HA; and to offer initial data for monitoring and evaluation of Platform’s achievements and public administration efforts.