Achievement of outcomes for Capacity Building and Technical Assistance Component of the TACSO in BiH

Important activities under these components are the capacity building (CB) and technical assistance (TA) component. According to Work Plan for period 2011-2013 TACSO BH office conducted CB and TA activities for CSOs from rural and remote areas who were applying to the domestic sources of funding without success, CSOs applying to the domestic sources of funding in 11 municipalities included in UNDP LOD III project and for projects implemented under call related to Issue-based networks (IPA 2009).

A lot of effort was invested to achieve maximum impact and effectiveness of CB and TA activities on TACSO project. Through the choosing of high impact approach and methodology in working with beneficiaries, selection of outstanding experts, implementation of several instances needs assessments, tailoring programs and activities of the trainings according to the needs assessment and the specific participants and close monitoring, the CB activities have made a strong planned impact on beneficiaries.

The feedback on impact of trainings from all interviewees in this evaluation is unanimously and strongly very positive. All report on significant changes resulting from provided CB and TA interventions and all trainings in general are seen as informative, useful, applicable and as the direct answer to their immediate needs.