With the cooperation of Community Volunteers Foundation and “Youth for Exchange and Understanding” (YEU),  an international meeting on “ Youth Volunteering in a Changing Europe” was held by the EU grant provided by the Ministry of EU of Republic of Turkey, Central Presidency of EU Education and Youth Programs on 24-28 November 2011. TACSO supported the participation of young people from Western Balkans to the meeting.

More than 40 young people from youth organizations in Europe as well as youth workers and trainers participated the meeting. At the end of the meeting the participants drafted a communiqué on “Value of Youth Volunteering”. The communiqué will be shared with all international, national and local institutions and organizations that are affiliated with young people.

The concept of volunteerism was examined throughout the meeting. The impact of “youth volunteerism” on active youth participation, the good practices and experiences of the participants were shared. The discussions on the basis of volunteerism strengthened the mutual understanding between the young people.