Due to overwhelming interest, the EU TACSO 3 project is delighted to announce an additional session of the Gender Mainstreaming Training Programme for FSTP Implementers.

This training programme is designed to target CSOs involved in implementing EU-funded re-granting programmes (Financial Support for Third Parties, FSTP), as well as CSOs interested in developing and implementing FSTP projects in the future.

The primary objective of this training programme is to enhance the grant-making practices of CSOs by incorporating gender mainstreaming throughout the entire grant-making cycle. This includes identifying needs, developing funding and selection criteria, reviewing applications, providing ongoing support and mentoring, and assessing results and impact. The training programme also aims to foster the sharing of experiences, challenges, and lessons learned.

By improving grant-making practices, the ultimate goal is to ensure that grant support leads to enhanced gender equality outcomes in various fields of activity.

Specific objectives of the training programme:

  • Conduct self-assessment and prepare high-quality gender analysis during the proposal writing process.
  • Explain the key principles and fundamental steps of gender mainstreaming.
  • Design gender-sensitive calls for applications and selection processes within FSTP projects.
  • Strengthen the capacities of FSTP implementers to fully integrate gender equality into the planning, implementation, and monitoring & evaluation processes of their projects.
  • Promote experience sharing and networking among FSTP implementers from the Western Balkans and Turkey at the regional and multi-country levels.
  • Provide practical information, including checklists, case studies, and related materials, on ensuring gender equality.

Please see the full Agenda.