In the framework of the EU-funded Technical Assistance to Civil Society Organisations in Western Balkans and Turkey (EU TACSO 3) project, we are pleased to invite you to participate in the P2P on-line event under the title: “Using Confiscated Assets for Good Causes” that will take place on 18 November 2021.

Aiming to discuss and share successful practices of cooperation between civil society and state institutions at the national level in the context of re-use of confiscated assets for purposes of social causes, the EU TACSO 3 project will organise a regional P2P exchange with examples from Balkans and other parts of Europe.

The purpose is threefold:

  1. To provide space for sharing the experience of re-use of confiscated assets for purposes of good causes in the region;
  2. To discuss the social impact of innovative social entrepreneurship models created by using the seized assets;
  3. To learn from best practice examples and be familiar with the current initiatives in the Balkans regarding the social re-use of the confiscated assets.

The three main topics of discussion will include:

  • General overview of the legal mechanisms, policies and state institutions for the administration and re-use of the confiscated assets in the Balkans with a focus on the practices and models already established and their social impact in different communities on the local level, etc. In recent years, Albania and Serbia reformed the law on confiscation to make it more efficient. The reform of law provisions against organized crime and, particularly, the enforcement of the law instrument of seizure and confiscation could be placed in different dynamics.
  • Examples and experience on re-use of confiscated assets: The experience of the social re-use of confiscated assets started in Italy, by CSO Libera. During these years, Libera has extended its activities and contribution at European level, but also in Albania, being a partner in several initiatives at county level. In Albania, the first social enterprises set up in premises confiscated as assets from organised crime were established as a result of the Civil Society Facility (CSF) Call for Proposals under the IPA 2014. “C.A.U.S.E – Confiscated Assets Used for Social Experimentation” was a project implemented by Partners Albania in collaboration with the Agency for the Administration of the Sequestered and Confiscated Assets.  There are three years of successes, achievements, but also challenges and insecurities.
  • Supporting and promoting already existing and developing new models of social entrepreneurship: During the session recent developments within the countries to improve the legal framework (using not only assets but also the confiscated money) will be analysed. Also, any potential initiatives in the Western Balkan countries in the social re-use of the seized assets. Fight against organised crime including the social re-use of confiscated assets, requires the will and engagement of all key stakeholders in the society: state institutions, local authorities, civil society, media, and the whole community.

The on-line event will gather up to 40 CSOs and public institutions representatives from the Western Balkans and Turkey.

The event will take place on-line on Thursday, 18 November 2021, from 10:00 to 14:30hrs CET.

If you are interested in attending the P2P event, please register at the following link by Monday, 15 November till 17:00hrs CET.

The event’s official language is English, with provided simultaneous translation in Albanian, Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian, Montenegrin, Macedonian Serbian and Turkish.

The Zoom link to join the event, along with the agenda and other details, will be sent to all registered participants prior to the event.