CSOs Should be much more Involved in the Definition of Public Interest’ and more Recommendations, at the Consultation Meeting in Bosnia and Herzegovina

On 11 December 2019, EU TACSO 3 project organised in Sarajevo the consultation and validation meeting on the Needs Assessment Report of civil society in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

During the meeting, the participants expressed the importance of the new unified e-register of CSOs with the suggestion that it would be good to have classification/distinction of CSOs by types of organisations; raised the debate on the effectiveness of e-consultations; indicated that significant amount of income from economic activities of CSOs has been found unrealistic; raised a concern about the lack of strategic approach and project-to-project logic with the majority of CSOswhile it was appreciated that grassroots are effective even when working voluntarily. They also agreed that the trend of distribution of international funds through big international agencies was found to be restricting to CSOs.

The following recommendations were addressed to EU TACSO 3:

  • CSOs should be much more involved in the definition of public interest;
  • Use in capacity development practical methods like mentoring, coaching, peer to peer;
  • Instigate horizontal networking among CSOs; 
  • Practice the focus on the local level;
  • Support the introduction of tax incentives for corporate giving.