CSO Leadership Training For Roma Youth Organizations Held In Antalya

The CSO Leadership Training for Roma Youth Organizations was held in Antalya on 11-14 June 2012. Twelve participants participated in the training from different organizations from the provinces; Edirne, Hatay, Ankara and Istanbul.

The participants gained practice on issues such as civil society, advocacy, and gender and intra-organizational democracy. The existing youth group called “Turkish Roma Youths” established a joint action plan with the participants from other groups in the training. Necessary steps were taken for organizing joint studies in the future.

In the evaluation done after the training, the participants announced that the training created an opportunity to get acquainted with new organizations and they had the chance to experience new methods in the fields of advocacy and gender. Additionally, the participants mentioned that the training was also a significant opportunity to strengthen the work of Roma youth in Edirne, Hatay and Ankara and to encourage youth to participate in joint projects.