Invitation to the Second Digital Agenda Consultative Meeting:

“Contemporary Dynamics in Information Sharing”

8th of August, 2023


Dear colleagues,

Following the first consultative meeting, you are cordially invited to take the second part of our series addressing digital transition within Civil Society Organisations (CSOs).

During this second meeting, we will conduct three informative sessions that explore critical aspects of digital engagement within Civil Society Organisations (CSOs). In Session I, we will focus on the Utilization of Digital Platforms for Information Sharing, exploring how CSOs leverage tools such as websites, social media, and online collaboration platforms to enhance stakeholder communication. We’ll evaluate the effectiveness of these platforms and discuss best practices and innovative strategies to maximise their utility.

Session II will examine the Impact of Social Media on CSOs and their Operating Environment, providing an in-depth assessment of social media’s role in increasing visibility, reach, and advocacy, as well as its challenges and risks, including privacy, disinformation, and harassment, with an exploration of possible mitigation strategies.

Session III will delve into Building and Managing CSOs’ Reputations in the Digital World and strategies to shape and maintain online reputation in the digital era, identifying key elements of positive reputation and strategies to mitigate risks and presenting real-world case studies that exemplify success in digital reputation management.

Please check the detailed Agenda for your reference.

To confirm your attendance, please register by clicking on this link.