EU TACSO 3 organized country consultation meetings in all seven IPA Beneficiaries between 22 February and 2 March 2021. The aim of the consultations was to present the draft Guidelines result framework document for the period 2021-27 and receive comments and suggestions for its improvement.  The meetings were attended by over 300 representatives of civil society, public institutions, donors, international organizations and other stakeholders.

The first draft Guidelines results framework was published on 2 December 2020 and open for written input on EU TACSO 3 project website. Additional time for written comments was given till 12 March, 2021. During the entire process, 74 organizations, networks and individuals gave their contribution in form of comments to the draft Guidelines, i.e. 16 during the on-line consultations December-January 2021, 47 commented while attending the consultation meetings and 11 in written after the meetings in March. In total, 298 comments were received, of which 122 were received during the on-line consultation December-January 2021, 90 on the consultation meetings and 86 were received post-consultations in March.

The individual consultation reports per IPA Beneficiary country are available below:


Bosnia and Herzegovina



North Macedonia



A compilation is also available here.

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