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Capacity Building

3rd online meeting of the FSTP Community of Practice

3rd online meeting of the FSTP Community of Practice aimed to present key findings and recommendations from the Annual FSTP CoP meeting held on 8 – 9 November 2023 in Sarajevo, BiH and the follow-up calendar of events for 2024.

06 February, 2024

Working Group – Simplification of procedures 

A meeting of the working group of up to 5 FSTP implementors from the region to develop a case study. This case study will detail the simplification of at least one FSTP procedure based on the group members’ interests and agreement.

07 February, 2024

Consultation Meeting: IPA III Civil Society Facility (CSF) and Thematic Instrument for Human Rights and Democracy for Montenegro

Consultation meeting regarding the guidelines for the Civil Society Facility CSF 2023 and) Thematic Instrument for Human Rights and Democracy (HR&D) 2023 for Montenegro

08 February, 2023

CSO Governance Community of Practice – Consultation for Governing Body Members

The regional workshop is for governing body members (governing boards, assemblies) of active civil society organisations who are interested in exchanging knowledge, experiences, and ideas on strengthening CSO Governance in the Western Balkans and Türkiye.

06-07 March, 2024

CSO Governance Community of Practice

19 March, 2024
Capacity Building

2nd FSTP Online Community of Practice Meeting

Share updates on the current FSTP practice in the region, announce upcoming events and discuss how to engage more via the LinkedIn platform.

19 September, 2023

Green Agenda for all CSOs

The World is facing a climate emergency: what can ordinary citizens and CSOs do to combat climate change before it is too late? Local action for the Green Agenda in the Western Balkans.

21 September, 2023