The Youth Educational Forum Engages 170 Young Participants in a Series of Online Lectures in North Macedonia

The Youth Educational Forum (YEF) is a youth-focused civil society organisation in North Macedonia, providing space for dialogue and free expression for young people, encouraging advocacy, protecting and promoting youth rights and policies for more than 20 years.

During the coronavirus crisis, YEF is producing a series of online lectures entitled “Extraordinary Lectures”, consisting of platforms for educational purposes. The programme which is funded by ‘Open Society Macedonia’  Foundation, is featuring alumni and young experts, providing non-formal educational opportunities on important topics of interest to young people. YEF initiated the programme by launching a call to students and young professionals interested in sharing their research and passion for science. To date, they have organised five extraordinary lectures, involving 170 young people, who registered to gain access and were actively engaged in the discussion. Open dialogue, interaction and constructive debate between lecturers and the participants were the main characteristics of each lecture.

“YEF members are young people interested in the society and prepared to improve their knowledge and skills through non-formal education.  They are critical of the society, prepared to act on its behalf, ready to share their knowledge with their peers in their respective fields” – says Stefani Spirovska, YEF President.

The lectures that were given included:

  • The lecture on world issues, drawing on personal examples and daily experiences of lecturers;
  • The lecture on natural disasters and challenges of climate change;
  • The lecture on international affairs and the critical role of international discourse in daily politics;
  • The lecture on law, legal issues and its implications on the everyday life and human behaviour;
  • The lecture on the importance of data.

“Because of this lecture, I am more aware of natural disasters in our country” says Dejana Markova, also highlighting that the lecture was very informative.

“It is a great opportunity that in such times, through these online lecturers, we are able to share our experience and passion with every participant”, says Kiril Przo Arsovski, an ecologist, biologist and an eco-activist.

Youth Educational Forum was established in June 1999, and its first name was Citizens’ Association “Debateri. In December 2000, the association changed its name to the Youth Educational Forum.