Strategic Development for CSOs through Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning in North Macedonia

On 20 and 21 September 2021, EU TACSO 3 organized Training and Mentoring Programme in Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) with 19 CSOs from North Macedonia. The training aimed to introduce CSOs with theoretical concepts and applicable models of MEL systems on a strategic level and provide comprehensive tools that will strengthen capacities of the representatives of executive structures to establish and run a vibrant MEL system. Furthermore, the training provided space to participants to discuss the benefits of an integrated MEL system and its positive reflection on the transparency, accountability as well as regular communication between the organization, their counterparts and constituencies.

During the first training day, participants learned about the essence of the MEL concept, developing strategic level objectives and results, and setting SMART indicators. In the working groups, participants analyzed different results framework and worked on their strategies to improve the defined strategic level objectives and results. During the second training day, the trainer introduced applicable tools and models such as the Log-frame and the Results framework. In addition to this, in the group work participants discussed indicators for different level of results and exercised development of an indicator based on predefined criteria for quality of the indicators. The trainer provided participants with very useful handouts in a form of Excel books that could serve the organizations in establishing databases for their activities.

MEL training helped organizations to establish a strategic view over their programs and projects and thus consolidate their strategic development and position. In addition, the training enabled better understanding of the meaning of data collection and analysis and their use in the planning processes within the organization. This training programme will further continue with delivering a mentoring support to the interested organization in developing MEL system based on their strategic priorities.

On the margins of the event, participating CSOs organized a small exhibition of handcrafts for the participants of the event.