Call for Participation: Training Programme on Social Impact Analysis for Grassroots and Local Organisations in Turkey 3-5 November (Deadline: 26 October, 2021)

EU TACSO 3 is organising “Training Programme on Social Impact Analysis” for grassroots and local organisations in Turkey to increase their to adopt social impact measurement as an integral part of their regular work. The Training Programme will take place in the beginning of November 2021 and will be organised as a three half-day on-line training targeting local CSOs and grassroots organisations.

The objective of Social Impact Analysis Training Programme is to provide practical guidance on social impact analysis and identification of indicators on mission and main objectives of an organization and lead its staff to internalize impact measurement in everyday activities, which is ideally combined with a sound strategic planning. The training will combine lectures (presentations) and interactive methods designed by trainers, to equip participants with sufficient knowledge on social impact analysis and development of a strategic approach while reaching out their constituencies. The Training Programme will also be conducted with the participation of guest speakers from CSOs who already have developed certain mechanisms for their own social impact analysis. The Training Programme targets up-to 30 CSOs from Turkey in total and will provide them with:

  • The basic theoretical framework and methodological approaches of impact analysis;
  • Clear definition of related concepts such as “social impact analysis”, “monitoring and evaluation”, “outputs”, “outcomes”, “indictors” etc.;
  • Increase capacities of CSOs to adopt and apply a more targeted strategic approach in their own organisational structures and to monitor their impact;
  • Practical knowledge and steps of social impact analysis and clarify the difference between “monitoring and evaluation” and “social impact analysis”;
  • Concrete examples and best practices of social impact analysis in Turkey and worldwide; Existing tools and manuals for social impact analysis.

The Training Programme will be organised as an on-line training programme for CSOs in Turkey:

  • Three half-day training;
  • Organised in Turkish language;
  • Dedicated to local CSOs and grassroot organisations who are interested to develop a strategic approach and a monitoring framework for their social impact analysis;
  • Up to 30 CSO representatives.

In order to ensure effective training with an in-depth approach and practical exercises, the number of selected CSOs will be limited (up to approximately 30). Participating CSOs will be expected to attend the whole process.

The three half-day training (three consecutive half-day) for grassroots and local organisations will be organized on 3-5 November 2021, between 10:00 – 14:00hrs Turkey (local) time on each day. The deadline for applications is 26 October, 2021, 17:00hrs Turkey (local) time. Application form is available 

Interested CSOs should apply by filling in and submitting the Application form via EU TACSO 3 CRM system (through on-line Application Forms provided at the links above). Interested CSOs can assign one representativewhile applying to this Training Programme.

The selection will be made by EU TACSO 3 project team based on the following criteria:

  • Regional distribution;
  • Thematic area distribution;
  • Gender equality;
  • CSOs who express an interest for adopting social impact measurement as an integral part of their regular implementation;
  • Priority will be given to the grassroots and local organisations.

Participants will receive certificates of successfull completion of the whole Training Programme.

Training Programme will be delivered by prominent experts, in Turkish language.

After  completion of the training, downloadable Manuals which will include the content of the Training Programmes as well as best practices examples of CSOs from Turkey and worldwide will be developed and will be made public.

Technical Assistance to Civil Society Organizations in Western Balkans and Turkey (EU TACSO 3) is an EU-funded project in the Western Balkans and Turkey ( EU TACSO 3 aim is to strengthen the capacity of civil society organisations (CSOs) to actively take part in the democratic processes and to stimulate an enabling environment for civil society and pluralistic media development.