Call for Participants: Civil Society Networking in the Western Balkan and Turkey – Presentation of the Mapping and Needs Assessment of the Regional Networks and Regional CSF Projects Report (Deadline: Monday, 8 February, 2021)

EU TACSO 3 is organising an online event on regional networks taking place on 11 February, 2021, from 13:00 to 15:30hrs CET. The purpose of the online event is to present the findings from the research of capacities and needs of regional networks and regional CSF-funded projects, and particularly to discuss the conclusions and recommendations for further development and sustainability of regional networks.

The event is targeted to civil society organisations (CSOs) and CSOs networks that operate in the Western Balkan and Turkey.

The basis for the discussion will be the research on regional networks conducted in March 2020 – April 2020 with more than 200 individuals and organisations across the region. The study was focused on two main aspects of networking: 1) mapping of CSO networking; and 2) assessment of networks’ actual capacities and their capacity building needs.

Some of the main conclusions from the assessment are the following:

  • Civil society networking in the WBT is well developed. In total, 119 active networks have been identified;
  • The areas in which networks operate are numerous. Most of the networks are focused on issues such as human rights, environment, socio-economic development, democratisation, the rule of law, and civil society development;
  • The most common role of CSO networks is to implement joint projects and programmes, followed by the implementation of joint advocacy activities;
  • Networks’ capacities are soundly developed but still dependent on external financial support;
  • Regional networks are not financially sustainable in the long run;
  • Networks declared that they are open and transparent in their work. However, on further examination, it can be noted that financial reports are rarely published on their websites;
  • Training, networking and mentoring are considered the most useful methods of support for networks.

All these conclusions and many more, including recommendations, will be presented by EU TACSO 3 team and will be debated with civil society experts and practitioners from the region.

Guest speakers will include:

  • Tina Divjak, Head of Advocacy in the Centre for Information Service, Cooperation and Development of NGOs (CNVOS) from Slovenia and Chair of the Board of the Balkan Civil Society Development Network (BCSDN);
  • German Filkov, President of Centre for Civic Communication (North Macedonia) and member of the Balkan Tender Watch Network;
  • Ruslan Stefanov, Director of Economic Programs in the Centre for the Study of Democracy (Bulgaria) and member of the Southeast European Leadership for Development and Integrity (SELDI);
  • Alexandrina Najmowicz,  Director of European Civic Forum.

Interested participants should fill-in the application form until Monday, 8 February 17:00hrs CET. Participants will receive the detailed agenda, link to the event and other information.