On 23 December 2019, EU TACSO 3 project organised in Skopje the consultation and validation meeting, on the Needs Assessment Report of civil society in North Macedonia.

In the course of the event, different participants identified that there is a need to change the public image of CSOs; admitted the importance and the need to address the lack of institutional grants and donor coordination; indicated the importance of diversification of funding. They also pointed out that by building only their administrative capacities they risk making CSOs too technocratic. It was also proven that CSOs’ participation in policy creation has been improved, but not all public institutions are open and see the benefit of collaboration with CSOs.

 Following recommendations were addressed to EU TACSO 3:

  • Clear definition of grassroots should be agreed;
  • Improve the accountability and transparency of CSOs;
  • Capacity building methodology should be in-depth and applicable, not just short-term trainings, and it should be simplified for “small” CSOs;
  • Re-granting can be a tool not just for individual CSO capacities but for networking;
  • Develop a mentoring programme between “big” and “small” CSOs for mutual benefit;
  • Reciprocity is needed when it comes to creating partnerships between CSOs and public authorities;
  • Strengthen and formalize the cooperation between CSOs and state institutions regarding public services/powers;
  • National employment programs should recognise CSOs.