EU TACSO 3 project is pleased to announce the People to People (P2P) On-demand online tool that allows access to ad-hoc support for the organisation of events/activities has been launched.  It provides flexible and targeted help to address the on-going needs of Civic Society Organisations (CSOs), Networks, National Resource Centres (NRCs), Delegations of European Union (EUDs), etc. in the Western Balkans and Turkey.

The P2P Programme aims to enable organisation of regional (multi-beneficiary) and national (single beneficiary) events/activities, that can take place in any IPA Beneficiary or EU country. P2P On-demand tool can support different types of events, such as: trainings, conferences, networking events, workshops and forums (thematic and sectoral) coaching and mentoring activities, study visits, etc., that should contribute to priority areas related to the enabling environment and CSOs capacity development.

 The P2P On-demand tool does not include direct support through a grant but is a mechanism to allow both technical and financial support to the requested events/activities, following a Full application approval.

The application process consists of two steps online procedure:

  1. Preliminary application screening (Step 1);
  2. Full application submission and decision-making (Step 2).

To apply for support, please visit  P2P On-demand section of the EU TACSO 3 website.

With pressing the P2P On-demand button, you will have the opportunity to register and start the Preliminary application form.

 You can find more information about the P2P On-demand process in sections P2P On-demand ABOUT and FAQ. You can always contact the EU TACSO 3 office through the information given in the CONTACTS section.

We are looking forward to receiving your proposals for support!


Your EU TACSO 3 Team