The Macedonian Occupational Safety and Health Association (MOSHA) has been working on developing a culture of prevention. For the past 50 years, they have advocated workplace safety and health for all stakeholders and have sought to ensure that the right to a safe and secure work atmosphere is upheld. They have helped to improve conditions of thousands of workers in the country and the region and received recognition by the EU and other donors’ organisations for their work.

MOSHA has been closely monitoring the progress of the disease, offering information and resources for dealing with COVID-19 in North Macedonia and Western Balkans, in cooperation with their partners. During the pandemic, the health workers are at the frontline, vulnerable to possible infection, therefore MOSHA has prepared and distributed guidelines and recommendations on infection control and prevention to more than 7000 health workers, together with the Trade Union of Health Workers from Centre Clinic in Skopje and the Institute of Public Health.

MOSHA also provided assistance to construction and factory workers for compliance with the Coronavirus Prevention Guide. All employers and staff in the construction sector and building materials industry, should follow and enforce these Guidelines. More than 50,000 employees are working in this sector and thus prevention and safety are important in order to preserve their health. The Construction, Industry and Engineering Union has 3800 members who comply with these Guidelines in their day to day activities.

A variety of hygienic measures have been implemented. For example, the use of medical masks is a hygienic measure, whereas safety measures are mainly intended to remove biological hazards. In addition, organisational measures are being implemented, such as putting in place specific processes, work schedules and training, and finally personal protective equipment. With reference to the novel Coronavirus, the occupational safety and health improvisers, hastily opted for the ultimate measure, most probably due to the fact that they perceive occupational safety and health only declaratively,” said Mr. Milan Petkovski, MOSHA President, a Graduate Engineer in Occupational Safety and Health (OSH). “Only the OSH expert can offer professional guidance on the steps to be taken to reduce the risks associated with the workplace“, said Mr. Petkovski.

MOSHA’s work is being support through the EU-funded projects: “Ensuring compliance with the EU standards for good occupational safety and health practices acceptable for the employers and employees;  “Enhance Labour conditions and Occupational Safety and Health as a support to Western Balkan toward EU accession process”; “Enhancing the involvement and impact of the civil society in public Occupational Safety and Health policies and decision making to support the country in the EU accession process”.