Young People Deliver Messages for Social Inclusion through Tailor-Made Online Activities in City of Fier, Albania

Epoka e Re Youth Centre in the city of Fier, Albania is using digital tools to empower young people and send positive messages to the local community. It is organising a series of tailor-made online activities, to engage young people in delivering messages on the importance of social inclusion during the COVID-19 pandemic under the moto: “Physical Distancing is not Social Distancing for us… Let’s get together and #DoGoodFromHome!”

#DebateClub, has become #OnlineDebateClub and by using web-conferencing platforms, young people participate in online conversations on different topics concerning their community such as pros and cons of online education; Global Youth Service Day discussion, etc. Many young people from Fier but also other cities of Albania have joined these discussions.

#OnsiteTraining has become #OnlineTraining: through this programme, 25 students are following the “Online Academy of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” online. This training helps young people to develop knowledge and skills on world issues such as health, the environment, poverty, gender equality, energy and sustainable cities. The course is offered free-of-charge and open to all youth.

#LocalCommunityCampaign has become #WorldCommunityCampaign: Epoka e Re volunteers and Youth Parliament have produced and shared two short videos on their social media channels:

-“Sport for Social inclusion and healthy lifestyle” to raise awareness on the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, about the power of sport in promoting peace and overcoming cultural barriers;

-“COVID-19: A Guide for health and safety”: a video that provides tips and advices on keeping everyone healthy and safe during the pandemic.

Other activities include: Monitoring the City Council’s online meeting of and sharing its decisions online; Preparing an online-questionnaire for young people to evaluate the online teaching.

The organisation has also conducted a Young People’s Literacy and Artistic Competition entitled “My City 2030” (with essay, posters, photos, videos) in collaboration with the Regional Education Directory and Polis University, for which Polis University will provide scholarships for 10 best entries.

The Youth Centre “Epoka e Re” is a civil society organisation that carries out activities and provides services to young people aged 14 – 29 years. The Centre was opened in 2005 addressing the needs of young people at the local level, empowering them to undertake activities and become an active member of their community.