2nd Annual FSTP Community of Practice Meeting


The organisation of the annual live FSTP CoP event is one of the recommendations from the first regional event held in December 2022 in Belgrade, Serbia. The overall aim is to review the progress in the development of FSTP practices, discuss current issues and novelties and exchange knowledge on successful FSTP practices. 

Key topics:  

  • Reaching smaller organisations with simplified application and reporting procedures; successes and lessons learned;
  • Development of inclusive selection criteria to reach out to more CSOs who have limited experience and financial capacity;
  • Gender analysis to inform the design of the project/programme design and development of gender-sensitive indicators
  • Strengthening the visibility and communication aspects of the FSTP grant beneficiaries;
  • VAT practices and challenges (presentation of the TACSO manual and discussion on the current issues and practices; summarising key issues);
  • Volunteering time and other examples of co-financing contribution for FSTP sub-grants – experiences from the region.


Based on the organisation of the first FSTP Community of Practice event in December 2022, this second event will be more focused and enable more group-based learning.

The live event includes a limited number of participants, mainly FSTP implementors, while you can register for the virtual participation using the link below.

Registration link: https://crm.tacso.eu/node/350


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1_Agenda FSTP live event 8-9 November 2023 (1)

2_Andreja Tonč, Building of the FSTP Community of Practice

3_Aleksandar Cekov, Simplified reporting procedures, SMART Balkans

Presentation 4 - Hulya Kurt, Simplified reporting procedures, TJMC

5_Marija Todorović, Development of inclusive selection criteria, BOS

6_Sara Salihu, Development of inlcusive selection criteria, KCSF

7_Ivana Jelača, Gender Analysis, Media Diversity Institute

8_Tugce Bahadir Cankara and Zehra Tosun, FSTP and Gender Mainstreaming

9_Richard Allen FSTP COP VAT Guide