On 15 April 2020, EU TACSO 3 published an open call to collect stories of the work done and efforts made by CSOs in the Western Balkans and Turkey in coping with the COVID-19 pandemic. To make their voice heard, the CSOs were asked to provide the EU TACSO 3 with stories of their work from their perspective.

To make the process easier for the organisations to collect and prepare their stories,  EU TACSO 3, provided template for the preparation of a success story , instructions for the development of a success story and proposal for areas of interventions.

The objective was to:

  • Give the possibility to civil society to share stories of their work in supporting their community cope with coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic;
  • Share stories with civil society community and the general public.

Based on the published call, many organisations provided their insightful information and data and many of these stories were published on our website.

To date, 21 stories have been published covering various topics and areas of interventions.

Find below the links to all individual stories:

  1. DUGA Association Delivers 178 Packages of Food and other Supplies to Vulnerable Communities in Sabac, Serbia
  2. CSOs, Universities and Public Institutions Join Forces with Young Entrepreneurs to Fight coronavirus/Covid-19 in Turkey
  3. Humanost Association Supporting Elderly People with Food and Medical Supplies in Skopje, North Macedonia
  4. The Youth Educational Forum Engages 170 Young Participants in a Series of Online Lectures in North Macedonia
  5. Art & Community Centre Engages Children of Pristina to Address Different Phenomena through Online Forum Theatre Performances
  6. “When the Pain of War Sexual Survivors Becomes a Force to Combat COVID-19”, a story of inspiration of Women Survivors, in Drenas, Kosovo
  7. Using Music to Engage Young Artists and Training Women Online to Grow Herbs, the Activities by Zinak, in Montenegro
  8. Young People Deliver Messages for Social Inclusion through Tailor-Made Online Activities in City of Fier, Albania
  9. Online Art Creations by the Elders, an Inspiring Story in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  10. An Online Radio Platform Gives Voice to CSOs during the COVID-19 Pandemics, a Unique Story from STGM in Turkey
  11. Students Make their Voices Heard and Take Action to Protect Their Rights in Albania
  12. Empowering Women Farmers to Sell their Products through a Direct On-line Platform
  13. Shedding Light on Fake News, Protecting Young People and the General Public from Misinformation during COVID-19, the Story of Juventas in Montenegro
  14. Providing Guidelines, Recommendations and Tools of Prevention and Protection to Health and Constructions Workers, the Story of MOSHA in North Macedonia
  15. Regional Coalition against Discrimination Advocates Workers’ Rights -Women Workers Story in Kosovo
  16. Providing Support and Coordinating Activities of Roma and Egyptian CSOs, the Story of ANTTARC in Albania
  17. Protecting the Rights of Self-Isolated Individuals, Protecting Human Rights and Supporting Vulnerable Groups, the Civic Alliance Story in Montenegro
  18. Responding to Media Needs, Reporting on Journalists’ Rights and Supporting Their Sustainability – The Story of Media for Democracy Project in Ankara, Turkey
  19. Supporting Asylum Seekers, Refugees and Repatriated Albanians and Offering Free Legal Aid and Support to Prisoners-the Story of AHC in Albania
  20. Championing the Cause of True Information and Media Literacy in Turkey, the Story of Teyit
  21. Free Psychological Services for Women, Podcasts, Online Trainings- the Story of HCA in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina